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About The Glad Scientist

Contact, Brief Bio, Backstory, and CV/Resume

Brief Bio

Daniel Eric Carlos Hector Alberto Sabio (b. Augusta, GA, USA, 1988) is a Puerto Rican conceptual new media artist and creative technologist living and working in Chicago, IL (location subject to change).

Their work primarily focuses on performance and installation arts and is driven by a deep interest in science and spiritualism balanced with an understanding of emotional and transformational responses to an art experience (plus an occasional dash of humor).

Most well-known for their live audiovisual performances, their work ranges from virtual reality performances and multichannel sound installations to brain/heart controlled artworks and video game experiences, with the chosen medium being a reflection of the concept of that work.

Despite using new technologies in the production of their art, their creations commonly question technology’s relationship with humanity, and explore ideas aiming to challenge the bounds of an observer’s philosophical grounding and universal view.

For nearly 10 years, the artist’s work has been welcomed at diverse festivals and symposiums including Ars Electronica, ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art), SXSW (South by Southwest), Bass Coast, VRHAM!, FILE, LEV, and DreamHack, among others. It has been awarded placement in Oculus Launchpad, Art Omi:Music Fellowship, Berlin Sessions Residency, UNCSA METL Immersive Storytelling Residency, and Zoo Labs Music Accelerator.

As a local organizer, they founded Art in Tech Atlanta and are a founding member of Volta Laboratory Social Club, an internet-based music and arts label. They have been invited internationally to speak at Google DevFest, IAM Weekend, Chaos Computer Congress, and Tate Modern, to name a few.

In professional realms, they are a former member of Envoy Chicago (Leviathan), Cosmic Lab in Osaka, IMRSV in Berlin, and contribute as needed to Ommatidium Studios in Edmonton.

In human realms, they enjoy snowboarding, nature-ing, making art, seeing art, making music, seeing music, and spending time with their canim.

Backstory Buckle Up for a Journey

Backstory Buckle Up for a Journey


Sabio, the seventh of seven children.

Their artistic history starts with a deep interest in video games, at around age 4 while skipping violin practice to play Mario and Ninja Turtles on Nintendo, when they decided they would be a game programmer. Following that dream through high school they discovered the need to take “computer science” courses and compiled a base knowledge of C++, Visual Basic, and Java by age 16. They also switched from violin to drums.

Going into higher education at the Georgia Institute of Technology, they switched majors on the second day after discovering a new one specifically for video games (but really creativity with computer science) called Computational Media. They also met Roark Bailey and Eddie Torres and started a band or three, finding their hands more suited as a percussionist. During their time there, they delved into a diverse range of courses, including African Film and the Digital Narrative, Experimental Digital Art, and Computer Audio. As part of their international study, they had the opportunity to explore the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, as well as Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. 

Driven by their curiosity and experimental nature outside of classes, Sabio attended many graffiti parties and hacker spaces while in Barcelona in 2008. In one such space, Hangar, they discovered the ability to create art from code (by hacking a PlayStation controller to make a VJ system). They never looked back, and this inspired a life-long artistic practice incorporating technology into experimental, philosophical expression.

The following school year, the artist ventured to Accra, Ghana for an internship doing web design for a media company called GMA. Aside from working on the websites, Sabio was invited as a DJ for the Y! FM station, and they spent every spare moment learning music from regional masters in djembe and kora. Unfortunately working 8 hours and studying music for 4 hours each day in sub saharan heat can take its toll, and the artist was forced to abruptly end this journey due to health concerns. However, the griot traditions learned during this time remain close to the artist’s heart.

The years immediately after their graduation from Georgia Tech (2011-2013) were spent hitchhiking across Turkey and Europe, and then working at digital agencies and freelance web development (in Switzerland, Jackson Hole, and Nicaragua), with limited free time spent on their artistic practice. After being accepted into a Master’s program at Baltic Film Academy, they declined in favor of working on a documentary film with renowned percussionist Layne Redmond.

It was during this period with Layne that an artistic balance was found. Perhaps inspired by the elder artist’s rigorous work ethic and dedication to joyfully playing in nature. and through various collaborations the artist was able to show work publicly, both locally and internationally. Together they worked on an experimental documentary entitled Axe Orixa, detailing the rhythms and dances of the African spiritual tradition Candomble in Brazil.

After Layne’s death, the artist returned to Atlanta to be amongst friends and regular collaborators, in search of community. It was during this time, while working at a tech incubator (TechSquare Labs), that Sabio saw many disparate communities in Atlanta that should be unified. Thus, the artist formed the Art in Tech Atlanta Meetup, a regular meetup to discuss creative programming and arts in technology. The group grew to over 3,000 members in the artist’s time in the city, and was left in the capable hands of regulars in the group.

Seeing similar gaps in the music scene in Atlanta, together with Dylan Banks, Colin Mulligan, and Peter Roglin, they created Volta Laboratory Social Club (VLSC), a music and events label known for organization of cross-scene, cross-genre events (that usually included an art installation or two). Not long after its formation, the label added key member of the Atlanta Synthesizer Club, Eric Flohr Reynolds, to its roster, and together the two organizations were able to organize innovative events for the Atlanta area. 

Concurrently happening in the broader tech world at the time, virtual reality had arrived as consumer tech, and with the relative proximity to new tech companies, the artist had an early chance to try the HTC Vive. Immediately something clicked, and where in the past they would have to carefully think over projector logistics to create immersive spaces, they saw the potential to instead build 3D worlds and have those be immersive installations that the headsets help people explore. A week after obtaining the headset and starting on an installation, they discovered the ability to make music in VR…and again, never looked back.

After performing in VR at numerous conferences and venues, the artist wished to explore new horizons in sound design, and ventured to Berlin to the School of Machines, Making, and Make Believe, specializing in Ecoacoustics (Spatial Audio Sound Design) in 2018. This intensive program took place in Funkhaus and MONOM, and allowed them to delve into binaural recording techniques, 360 audio mixing, interactive sound design with SPAT in MaxMSP, multiple channel audio techniques, and the creation of binaural recording rigs.

As the program ended, Sabio saw potential in the XR and music communities in Berlin, and extended their stay for around two years, forging bonds with Music Tech Germany, Berlin Sessions, and Radiance Arts, and collaborating regularly with the multidisciplinary collective IMRSV. Despite previous appearances at festivals, it was while in Berlin that the artist received their first placement in an exhibition at a gallery show (Galerie Weisser Elefant) for their VR installation Justin Time. After a string of residencies and festival appearances, the artist received an invite (after months sitting in the spam box) for a residency in Tokyo, Japan. 

During the three month residency in Tokyo at ARTnSHELTER, Sabio found a deeper connection to their artistic practice, and the balance between ancient cultures, science and technology. They also discovered Cosmic Lab, a group with similar interests based in Osaka. They met with Cosmic Lab for a few of their performances, and invited the group for a studio visit in Tokyo. After Sabio’s solo show (featuring two immersive pieces: Justin Time and Black Iris) at ARTnSHELTER, they invited the artist to join the creative lab in Osaka at the start of 2020.

From here, Sabio’s professional life becomes one directly based on their art practice, with time spent at Cosmic Lab (and subsequently Envoy), contributing to the programming of interactive experiences using TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, Unity, C++, Python, and Roblox. Their rapid prototyping skills (with cutting-edge code libraries, sensors, and previz systems) and ability to meet tight deadlines for art grants has translated directly into satisfying some of the world’s most demanding clients. 

The artist’s continued involvement in collaborative and community work has not ceased, founding music and fashion-focused Ommatidium Studios with Evan Pierce and Josh Tokarsky while in Japan, working with art house game studio Otro Inventario (founded by Leo Castenada and Lauren Monzon) and helping Thorne Brandt as needed with the audiovisual venue DADS (Digital Arts Demo Space) in Chicago.

Despite working normal hours, Sabio continues their “time is malleable” hustle, and their artistic pursuits continue to garner acclaim, with their works regularly being featured in festivals, exhibitions, and conferences worldwide. As The Glad Scientist, they have left their mark on events such as the Venice Biennale, LEV Festival, FILE Brazil, and Ars Electronica, and exhibited art in galleries in New York, Tokyo, Miami, Berlin, Shanghai, among many others. Their relatable and kind persona has granted them speaking opportunities at Google DevFest, IAM Weekend, Chaos Computer Congress, and Tate Modern, to name a few. Their creations continue to stay relevant in asking poignant questions about our relationships with ourselves and technology, and their collaborations continue to be as compassionate as ever.

Now, Sabio wants you to do what you can’t avoid, no matter how hard you try. Sabio wants you to “be glad, make science”. 🙂

Curriculum Vitae Time

Curriculum Vitae Time

Curriculum Vitae/Resume


Daniel Eric Carlos Hector Alberto Sabio

sabio [AT] thegladscientist [DOT] info

US and EU Citizen


Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science, Computational Media | 2006 – 2011

Key Courses: African Film and the Digital Narrative, Experimental Digital Art, Design for the Internet, Media Studies, Video Production, and Computer Audio. 

International Study:  Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, ES | Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. 


++with Rosa Arriaga, PhD., on the implication of BLUI (Blowable User Interface) technology in HCI to improve ecological conditions of pediatric asthma treatment, with a focus on low socioeconomic families.     

++with Matthew Swarts, helping to teach high school students intriguing uses of isovist 3D modeling, as a part of the SURE (Student Undergraduate Research Experience): Tech to Teaching program

School of Machines, Making, and Make Believe

Intensive, Ecoacoustics (Spatial Audio Sound Design) | 2018
Intensive Focus: Binaural recording techniques and 360 audio mixing | Interactive sound design with SPAT in MaxMSP | Multiple channel audio techniques | Creation of binaural recording rigs (dummy ears) | Recording and Mixing of original spatial compositions


Senior Creative Software Engineer @ Envoy

Nov 2021-July 2023 | Chicago, USA

-Programming of interactive experiences using TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, C++, Python, Unity, and Roblox.

-Rapid prototyping and environment deployment of sensors, bleeding edge code libraries, and staging systems for bespoke interactive systems.

-Development of client-facing CMSes to simplify the management for bespoke interactive
experiences with a variety of complex sensor architectures and API integrations.

-Principal engineer on major client account, with daily communication and guidance for onsite maintenance team, and regular client interaction.

VR Dev in Residence @ UNCSA METL Immersive Storytelling Residency

May 2021-Oct 2021 | Winston-Salem, USA

-Programming of VR+AR immersive interactive story in Unreal Engine and TouchDesigner.

-Translation of multiplayer interactions (across phones and headset) into custom metadata system for generating unique physical takeaways at the end of the experience.

-Synchronization of iPhone Facial Mocap and sophisticated Vicon Motion Capture system to expedite the capture of realistic animation performances for the duration of the experience.

-Collaboration with screenwriters, sound designers, and 3D artist to develop an original sci-fi
quantum narrative from scratch, and manifest it into a public facing work at SECCA (SouthEastern Center for Contemporary Art).

Technical Artist/Creative Technologist @ Cosmic Lab

Feb 2020-May 2021 | Osaka, Japan

-Programming of interactive concerts and installations using Unity, TouchDesigner, and Unreal Engine

-Content development using 3D tools as appropriate for AR, VR, photogrammetry

-VFX creation using ShaderGraph and VFXGraph, GLSL Shaders

-Sound design and spatial audio planning for high profile corporate environments

-Key Clients: flumpool, EYE (of BOREDOMS), NHK, Buck-Tick

For additional professional history, see LinkedIn profile.


Alias: The Glad Scientist


2021 – Immersive Storytelling Residency @ UNCSA METL – Winston Salem, NC

2019 – Art & Shelter AiR – Tokyo, JP

2018 – Berlin Sessions – Berlin, DE

2018 – Zoo Labs Music Incubator – Oakland, CA

2018 – Art Omi Music Residency – Ghent, NY

Festival, Exhibition, and Conference Appearances

2023 – Refraction Festival | NYC – Hold Me Close / Tie Me Up

2023 – Refraction Festival | NewArtCity | Metaverse – Uninterpolation (A Ritual) & “Artificial Dub”

2023 – WNDR Museum | Seattle – Hyper Mirror

2022 – NUBIA Exhibition | Espronceda | Barcelona – Solarpunk Daydreams & How the Internet Changed My Life

2022 – Herramientas Exhibition for Leo Castaneda & Otro Inventario | Locust Projects | Miami – Levels and Bosses

2022 – Nicole Ruggiero Solo Show | 11 Newell | NYC – How the Internet Changed My Life

2022 – Group Exhibition | Moshimo Hayama | Kanagawa – Moirai

2022 – WIRE | NewArtCity | Metaverse – PSNone

2022 – RE MUSIC AI Livestream – Memory Castles

2022 – NFT ATL Opening Performance | Underground Atlanta – Defragmentation/Extrema 

2021 – Orbiting the Glitch | NewArtCity | Metaverse – youWillNeverBeMe

2021 – NeoShibuya 30 Second Cinema | Tokyo – Moirai

2021 – Ars Electronica | NYC – Me and All My Children

2021 – Ars Electronica | NYC – Moirai

2021 – Ars Electronica | NYC – Partitions 0.02: Extrema

2021 – Radical Gaming Exhibition | HeK Basel – How the Internet Changed My Life

2021 – Commissioned Showcase | Emory Visual Arts Gallery | Atlanta – Tenderness

2021 – Journey Through A Body Exhibition | Künsthalle Düsseldorf – How the Internet Changed My Life

2020 – Vienna Design Week | Vienna & Metaverse – Intersect (Avatar Edition)

2020 – Ars Electronica | Barcelona & Metaverse – Intersect (Avatar Edition)

2020 – Dance Yer Heart Out: Racial Injustice Edition – Exorcism (A Duet for Understanding)

2020 – Dance Yer Heart Out: Navajo & Hopi COVID Relief Edition – Temple

2019 – Solo Exhibition at ARTnSHELTER | Tokyo – Black Iris, Justin Time

2019 – LEV Festival | Madrid – Intersect

2019 – Tate Exchange at Tate Modern | London – Speaker

2019 – Paquetes Exhibition | The Bakery | Atlanta – Justin Time

2019 – La Biennale de Venezia (Venice Biennale) | Venice – Loveseat

2019 – Networked Justice Exhibition | Trinity Square Video | Toronto – Long Live Trans-Pakistan

2019 – Tech Open Air | Berlin  – Adult Nostalgia

2019 – NPSA Congress Brussels (Winner) | Brussels – Tender Rhythms

2019 – Futures of Our Past Exhibition | Galerie Weisser Elefant | Berlin – Justin Time

2019 – The Future Laboratory’s Phygital Bar | Dublin – Panelist

2019 – IAM Weekend | Barcelona – Speaker

2019 – SXSW | Austin – MELD 2.0

2018 – Chaos Computer Congress 35 | Leipzig – Speaker

2018 – GENERATE! Festival | Tubingen – iCNTEVN

2018 – Monumenta | Leipzig – Live VR Audio Performance

2018 – Monumenta | Leipzig – Capacity

2018 – Tech Open Air | Berlin – Speaker

2018 – Unite Berlin Conference | Berlin – Live VR Audio Performance

2018 – VRHAM! | Hamburg – The Eye Inside

2018 – School of Machines EcoAcoustics Showcase | MONOM | Berlin – duality

2018 – NY MusicTech VR Music Workshop | VRBar | NYC – Instructor, Demo

2018 – Atlanta XR: Leveraging Immersive Tech in the Music Industry | Atlanta – Keynote Speaker

2018 – NYVR Art in VR | NYC – Speaker, VR Installation/Demo

2018 – PULSE Festival | Savannah – Live VR Audio Performance

2017 – Bass Coast Festival | British Columbia – The Gladlab (VR Audio Installation)

2017 – SXSW | HCBU@SXSW | Austin – Cybernautical

2017 – VRARA Atlanta – Keynote Speaker

2017 – A3C Festival & Conference | Atlanta – Live VR Audio Performance

2017 – 9to5 Festival | Atlanta – AiTL

2017 – FutureX Live | Atlanta – MELD

2017 – DreamHack Atlanta – Live VR Audio Performance

2017 – MomoCon | Atlanta – Hank’s Errand and the Strange Dog

2017 – ColorATL Vol. 2 Launch | Atlanta – tiltATL

2017 – ColorATL | Atlanta Contemporary | Atlanta – Embrace

2017 – Google DevFest | Atlanta – VR Music Masterclass/Workshop

2017 – Georgia Tech Maker’s Fair | Atlanta – VR Music Masterclass/Workshop

2017 – Virtually Real Exhibition | NYC – iCNTEVN

2015 – {Re} Happening Festival | Black Mountain College | Black Mountain – Xeyallari

2015 – ACE (Advances in Computer Entertainment) | Madeiras – Plink Blink

2014 – {Re} Happening Festival | Black Mountain College | Black Mountain – Trial Separation

2014 – FILE (Electronic Language International Festival) | Sao Paolo – Plink Blink

2014 – ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art) | Vancouver – Plink Blink

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