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Bloodslide Music Videos
Denver Digerati ’21
Over The Real ’21
NeoShibuya ’21
Made With Ommatidium Studios
Evan Pierce
Graeme Haunholter
Josh Tokarsky
Unreal Engine VR Programming
Touchdesigner Programming
VFX (in Unreal & TD)
Virtual Camerawork

Visual creative freedom for a musical supergroup

Bloodslide is composed of drummer Mike Wallace (Preoccupations), guitarist Greg Ahee (Protomartyr), and singer/bassist AJ Lambert (continuing the legacy of her mother Nancy Sinatra and grandfather Frank Sinatra as a singular song interpreter blazing her own trail). These three have come together with producer Sonny DiPerri (Diiv) and Ommatidium Studios to form a multimedia art powerhouse.

Bloodslide gave us (Ommatidium) complete creative freedom to help dream up a visual identity, music videos, and accompanying NFTs. The result is a terrifyingly present, yet futuristic grasp on the viewer’s eyes as they are swarmed by artificially generated images (StyleGAN, ArtBreeder), melting forms (Houdini), and disintegrating bodies (Unreal Engine) guiding a contingent and poignant storyline.

As Pitchfork put it “refreshingly blunt: cybergoth in a way that recalls Grimes as much as horror-punks Grave Pleasures, and conjuring the world of Resident Evil in the compulsive motion of its AR-integrated videos”

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