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duality - Blindfolded XR Experience
MONOM, Berlin ’18
Approx. 30 min
Made With
Anya Elyutina
Ece Tankal
Karina Hisayasu
Lori Gawryluik
Art Direction
Technical Direction
On-Site Installation
Projection Mapping

Xr Storytelling in multiple realities

duality is a sound-based virtual reality experience exploring universal narratives through the lens of multiplicity. The audience is invited to participate in the performative actualization of these non-linear life cycles as they unfold, bringing to life the paralleled storyscapes of both sightless and ageless.

The piece utilizes spatial audio and real-life objects to create an audio and tactile focused immersion for four blindfolded participants. Each of these participants has a dedicated guide to walk them through the experience and ensure comfortability as well as progress the narrative by introducing new tactile elements and leading them through different soundscapes.

A second layer of audience members sits inside between the blindfolded participants, and projection mapped visuals provide the atmosphere for each scene as they observe the movement and dance of the guides and the “blind”.

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