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Embrace (w/ Color ATL)Atlanta Contemporary
Atlanta Contemporary ’17
Made With
Avery Wright
Angela Davis-Johnson
User Experience Design
Sound Design
Max MSP Programming
Arduino Programming
On-Site Installation Support

Bringing coloring books to life at a large scale

Embrace is an electroconductive interactive mural collaboration with Avery Wright and Angela Davis-Johnson. It premiered at Atlanta Contemporary in October 2017 as a part of the ColorATL event series.

In searching for new ways to bring people together to color, ColorATL called upon me to help with a new media installation. With the release of the second edition of the ColorATL coloring book (a book that features Atlanta muralists, painters and visual artists), they chose Angela Davis-Johnson and her page to feature for the night. Working with Avery Wright, we recreated the page as a wall-sized mural painted with conductive paint. When the paint is touched in certain places, custom software and projection mapping animates colors onto the piece in a flowing liquid and slides them away as hands are removed.

The piece, entitled “Embrace”, gained new depth in its title as the attendees literally embrace the piece with their hands and their eyes in a life-size format.

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