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EYE - Pylonorg
Made While Working at
Cosmic Lab
Made With
Colo Miuller
Ben Johnson
Izumi Takara
User Experience Design
Touchdesigner Programming
Unity Prototyping/Previz
Physical Construction of Light Fixtures
On-site Installation Support
Quality Assurance Testing

One performer. Total Control.

エクスペリメンタルに表現を究め続ける∈Y∋による、リスト装着型とコーン形状の2種の特殊デバイスと接続された身体で奏でる発光サウンドパフォーマンスを、COSMIC LABがXR視覚空間へと増幅させる。

This is a luminescent sound performance by ∈Y∋, who continues to pursue expression in an experimental way, with his body connected to two types of special devices: glove and cone-shaped. COSMIC LAB amplifies his performance into the XR visual space.

During the glove section of the set, the performer uses only his body to contort, distort, and rip apart the sonic pallete. Tasked with hiding his physical form, we used ARKit to segment his body from the background and Unity’s VFXGraph to creating a wide variety of looks for particles that felt intense and amorphous.

We used MIDI reactivity directly from the performer’s Ableton session to trigger the amount of particles and their forms, and audio reactivity from TouchDesigner to alter more nuanced parameters. By feeding in artificially intelligent footage (GANs) as textures and other references to computer/human identities, we allowed for a live performance that could be generatively driven by the artist live.

During the sacone section of the set, we similarly used body segmentation, but kept the effects simpler, using solely shaders on the body form. In addition, we connected the accelerometer of the cone to the DMX control of the entirety of the house lights, again giving full control to the artist of the environment in real-time.

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