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iCNTEVN - Live VR Performance
Virtually Real, NYC ’17
Generate! Festival, Germany ’18
Art Direction
Unreal Engine Programming
Unity Programming
Sound Design & Research
On-Site Installation Support

Internet Art en Vivo (en VR)

Internet-themed Audiovisual VR Performance

iCNTEVN is a playful dive into The Glad Scientist’s experiences on the internet. From glitched out and twerking Motoko Kusanagis (Ghost in the Shell) to waterfalls of emoji reactions, the experience is driven by a marriage of audiovisual chaos controlled and manipulated in real-time by the artist in virtual reality.

The piece premiered at Virtually Real, a VR curated art show featuring 20 influential international VR artists (from 360 video directors to artistic game designers), and was hosted at VR World NYC.

iCNTEVN utilizes a workflow that employs Unreal Engine to create interactive video game scenes, which are played through and sampled with the intent of later perversion in a real-time performance setting.

The music itself is controlled live in virtual reality using SoundStage VR, and networked MIDI is piped to a second computer running VJ software to manage the real-time video handling and effects processing. The totality of this results in a live show that is completely dynamic to the performer, and can be precision controlled from within virtual reality entirely.

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