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Little SnakeBrainfeeder's The Hit
Made With Ommatidium Studios
Evan Pierce
Josh Tokarsky
Unreal Engine Scenes
Unity Scenes
Touchdesigner Experimental Work
VFX (in Unreal & TD)
Virtual Camerawork

[FLASH WARNING] Intense Visuals for Intense Sound Design

Little Snake asked us (Ommatidium Studios) to provide visuals for his three part series “LOVESTORY.INFINITE.FRAGMENTED.HELIX”

Using just about every tool and trick in the book (GANs, Blender, After Effects, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, Unity, Processing, …) we created nearly 10 hours of content that had to be trimmed down and fit to the music of a 12 minute sonic journey.

For its premiere on Brainfeeder’s recurring THE HIT livestream, hundreds of viewers tuned in across the world, providing real-time feedback of the creative process.

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