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Motonosumi ShrineGenerative Lighting
Made While Working at
Cosmic Lab
Made With
Colo Miuller
Ben Johnson
Izumi Takara
User Experience Design
Sound Design
Touchdesigner Programming
Unity Prototyping/Previz
Physical Construction of Light Fixtures
On-site Installation Support
Quality Assurance Testing

At the edge of the cliff there is a dragon breathing mist. If you find it, you too can be reborn



さあ、龍神に呑まれよう。DIVE TO REBORN

The geyser of Ryugu (the Palace of the dragon) , which looks like a dragon ascending toward the sky, has been worshiped among the villagers as the work of the Dragon God. The Motonosumi Shrine stands beside it and continues to protect this sacred place. The 123 torii (gates) in a row represent the dragon gods, and passing through these gates is a tour of the body of the dragon gods, where you can shake off misfortune and be reborn with hope. Let’s dive into the Dragon.

The lighting installation at Motonosumi Shrine was designed to tell the story of the dragon gods, and how they meet here in this holy place. The torii gates representing these gods were illuminated in a natural movement of slinking sine waves, just as dragons move amongst the skies. The flowing colors give a feeling of release, of energy passing through, and are accompanied by carefully placed outdoor speakers, which utilize spatial audio to provide these waves more energy as they pass through.

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