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Quasar XR Instrument
Made While Working at
Cosmic Lab
Made With
Colo Miuller / Director + VJ
Ben Johnson / Technical Director
240k / Spatial Jockey
Izumi Takara / Producer
YoshimiO ( OOIOO ) / Sound
DJ Yasa & NAO-K / Live Performers
Tokio Aoyama / Character Design
Ken Imai / 3D Art
Mou / Project Manager
Singh Ryu / VFX
Audio Programming
Unity Prototyping/Previz
XR Tracking System
On-site Installation Support

A next generation audiovisual instrument, updated for XR expressions

A next-generation musical instrument that simultaneously plays “video” and “sound”.

By interpreting musical phrases as a series of constant rotations instead of a linear timeline like a staff notation, and using a tangible interface that gives physical substance to information , intuitive and physical operation is possible. Now possible.

A next generation audio-visual instrument created by Cosmic Lab.

Each musical measure is not interpreted in a linear fashion, but as an endless loop. Also the tangible interface that gives physical embodiment to audio-visual content make it possible to build rhythm and layers of visual content in an intuitive physical way.

Taking this method of music making and pushing it to the next level, Quasar XR used Antilatency tracking to track cinematography-level cameras throughout the venue to provide life-size AR enhancement for each “cap” as it is placed on the physical instrument. In addition, when moving close to the instrument, the camera can see floating AR elements just above the caps, customized for each individual piece of content.

The result is an immersive performance that turns the environment into the instrument itself, allowing for the audio visual elements to take shape (literally) in the same space as the audience.

Next Project
Levels and Bosses