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T-Mobile - 5G&Me
Made While Working For
Made With
Adam Pere
Kate Milleker
Lucas Morgan
Kevin Razmus
Alexie Kozol
Aaron Greene
Lead Project Engineer
Touchdesigner Programming
Unreal Engine Programming
Onsite Installation Support
Remote Maintenance Support
Quality Assurance Testing

Updates and Deployments across 14 connected installations showcasing the future of 5g technology

This immersive showcase of 5G applications provides personalized journeys for invited guests to experience firsthand how 5G can transform the ways we live, work and play. The 4,000 sq. ft. center includes a 360° Dome and nine interactive zones that demonstrate how 5G can revolutionize industries such as transportation, manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture.

With an entire building that can talk to itself, what stories do you tell? And how do you manage the communications when something needs to be updated across all of its installations?

While working at Envoy, I had daily involvement in the inner workings of the 5G&Me showroom, where installations like smart cars, plants with LiDAR sensors, and touch tables with abstract avatars are all interconnected to tell a story for C-level guests.

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