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T-Mobile - Network Analytics
Made While Working For
Made With
Adam Pere
Michael Neumann
Scott Pagano
Lucas Morgan
Alexie Kozol
Aaron Greene
Lead Project Engineer
Touchdesigner Programming
Unreal Engine Programming
Onsite Installation Support
Remote Maintenance Support
Quality Assurance Testing

Realtime Data Visualizations Combining the Powers of TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine 5

Network Analytics is a series of data visualizations of the T-Mobile network. They show 5G data, other data, scam shield, voice calls, and messages data in compelling and abstract ways that can recontextualize the hard data as art.

There are 4 instances of Network Analytics at 5G&Me and 1 at Tech Experience. Each instance cycles through multiple real-time data visualizations, pre-rendered animations, and scheduled tour welcome/thank you messages.

The visualizations were made using a variety of techniques that involved TouchDesigner, Houdini, and Unreal Engine 5. In particular, we were interested in upgrading the look and feel of the visuals from their previous version to make use of UE5’s Lumen system, which allows for real-time global illumination and raytracing for the graphical elements as they move throughout space.

Deployment and small adjustments were key to this project’s success, as each display showing the visuals is different (from irregular sized LED panels to 4K OLEDs) and the colors must match perfectly to meet the rigorous brand standards of the client.

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