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Tender Rhythms
NPSA Congress Brussels ’19 (Winner)
Emory Visual Arts Gallery ’21
Feest Van De Filosofie ’22
ASAP Pilar Fest ’23
Made With
Stephanie Koziej
Mike Winters
Technical Direction
Unity Programming
Remote Installation Support

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Tender Rhythms is an interactive installation that explores direct human connection on a physical (and electrical) level.

A collaboration with Stephanie Koziej and Michael Winters, the piece seeks to demonstrate the concept of “the third” as it appears when two individuals make a meaningful connection together. To achieve this, we have two participants sit across from each other with BCI (Brain-Computer-Interfaces). As their eyes meet, and they start to connect with each other on an emotional level, their alpha brainwaves will synchronize, forming a third pattern that exists only between them. To demonstrate this connection, we use sonification and visualization of the strength and duration of this connection as it occurs in real-time.

The result is a breaking apart of the separate, isolated representations of each participant and fusing of these pieces into an entity of its own.

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