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Morean Arts Center ’18
Made With
Xat Gomez (Lead Artist)
Sound Design
Video Art
On-Site Performance
HTC Vive

Scanography prints (physical & digital)
Resolume Arena
HD Webcam

Bringing coloring books to life at a large scale

Transparencias is a mixed reality live performance collaboration with visual artist Catherine Gomez. The piece premiered at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL in March of 2018.

The piece consisted of scanography of human body parts against green fabric representing the distortion between technology and its inherent exclusive nature. Darker skinned individuals often fail to superimpose on green screen technology, creating a mixture of digital and human composition, usually an unintended defect.

For the piece, Gomez chose to highlight this distortion, using it as a driving force of self-reflection of our everyday interaction and development of technologies.

As my work often walks the line of digital and real, Gomez reached out to me about creating a live performance within her exhibition for the opening night. 

We decided to use the green screen fabric in her works as a live chromakey material, and layer multiple layers (both through the scanography on the walls and in digital stills) in a projection mapped region of the arts center. Gomez, based in Chile at the time of the performance, would control the live visual aspect through remote access as I performed the audio elements of the piece. The result was a performance that embraced the physical presence of a performer in a shifting hyperreality.

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