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Under Armour - Coaches Armoury
Made With
Kris Pilcher
Dosa Kim
Mohsen Hazrati
Katie McManus
OzTech Media
Lead Project Engineer
Unreal Engine Programming
Remote Maintenance Support
Quality Assurance Testing

Ambitious pixel streaming metaverse for a humble audience

The Coaches Armoury is a virtual 3D space that hosts video segments and training content designed for high school coaches. The platform brings in experts from around the world and provides coaches with tools and resources on select topics highlighting the important role coaches have as key influencers in a young athlete’s performance.

It was built using Unreal Engine’s pixel streaming, which allowed for intense high-fidelity graphics to be delivered to any device, regardless of its native hardware.

The project saw two major iterative releases, for both which I was the project’s lead engineer, overseeing the organization of incoming assets, ensuring their viability and testing across all delivery devices.

Next Project
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