The Glad Scientist is the pseudonym of Puerto Rican new media artist Daniel Sabio. His works range from igniting live virtual reality concerts to fully immersive code-driven installations.

They have garnered diverse international attention, from ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art) to Bass Coast Festival and beyond, and have placed him in shows alongside astrophysicists, household names and internet stars alike. He wields a BSc in Computational Media (Computer Science+Art) from Georgia Tech, founded the Art in Tech Atlanta Meetup group, and is a co-founder of VLSC Records, an international indie label. His unique perspectives on technology’s role in art and its connection to the human spirit stem from a bizarre mixture of subcultures fused with insights gained from studies in some of music’s richest cultures, including Ghana, Turkey and Brazil. Now based in Berlin, he continues this exploration with a focus on immersive media and electronic music performance.