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The Glad Scientist (Daniel Sabio) is a conceptual new media artist creating moments of transformation through the immersive, interactive, and collaborative
The Row: Ares House by Daniel Arsham
Hypermirror installation at WNDR Museum in Seattle
image of plink blink, an installation with three people standing in front of microphone stands with cameras on them, blinking to make music
Tarocco Dancer interacting with projection screen onstage
2023 Commercial, Creative Coding, Envoy, Motion Capture, TouchDesigner, Unity
2022 Commercial, Creative Coding, Installation, TouchDesigner, UX
2020-22 Art, Installation, Unreal Engine, Virtual Reality, Web
2020-21 Commercial, Cosmic Lab, Generative, Installation, Lighting, Sound, TouchDesigner
2022-23 Commercial, Creative Coding, Envoy, Generative, Installation, Interactive, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine
2020 Commercial, Cosmic Lab, Data Visualization, TouchDesigner, Unity, VFX, Virtual Production, Web
2020-21 3D Animation, Commercial, Generative, Lighting, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, VFX
2020-21 Commercial, Metaverse, Pixel Streaming, Unreal Engine, Web
2019-20 3D Animation, Art, Performance, Sound, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, VFX, Virtual Reality, XR
2023 Art, Installation, TouchDesigner, UX
2021 AR, Commercial, Cosmic Lab, Performance, Sound, Unity, VFX, Virtual Production, XR
2022 Art, Generative, Interactive, Sound, Unreal Engine, VFX
2021 AR, Art, Commercial, Cosmic Lab, Lighting, Performance, TouchDesigner, Unity, VFX, XR
2018 Art, Lighting, Performance, Projection Mapping, Sound, Virtual Reality, XR
2023 3D, Commercial, Creative Coding, Data Visualization, Envoy, Generative, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, VFX
2017-19 3D Animation, Art, Brainwaves, Creative Coding, Performance, Unreal Engine, Virtual Reality, XR
2020 3D Animation, AI, Art, Generative, TouchDesigner, Unity, Unreal Engine, VFX
2019 Art, Installation, Interactive, Sound, Unreal Engine, Virtual Reality
2018-23 Art, Brainwaves, Creative Coding, Generative, Interactive, Unity
2019 Art, Creative Coding, Metaverse, Virtual Production, Virtual Reality, XR
2021 AR, Art, Generative, Installation, Interactive, Max MSP, Projection Mapping, Sound, TouchDesigner, VFX
2017 3D Animation, Art, Performance, Unity, Unreal Engine, VFX, Virtual Reality
2014 Art, Creative Coding, Installation, Interactive, PureData, Sound
2018 Art, Live Compositing, Performance, Virtual Reality, XR
2017 Conductive Touch, Creative Coding, Interactive, Max MSP, Physical, Projection Mapping, Sound
2016 Art, Interactive, Performance, Projection Mapping
2014 Art, Interactive, Performance, Physical